The Performing Arts Conservatory, Inc. (T-PAC)

                                                SEASON 2018 -2019                                           

Please remember us to your to your giving list.

We are thankful you share our vision for this community and the performing arts. Introducing the performing arts to a young person gives them space to expand their minds, to have a healthy imagination and to simply ‘breathe’. Your generosity keeps us alive and helps us provide the skills needed to be successful not only in the performing arts, but in life.

TPAC Group Picture 2018

Our motto: God has given me a great gift, and I will be thankful by learning…C. Williams

(We are a non-profit organization)


Who are we and what do we do?

TPAC focuses on inspiring youth to explore their gifts and talents in the performing arts

  • TPAC develops skills that promote personal and professional success in life.
  • TPAC provides a safe and nurturing performing arts learning experience.
  • TPAC provides concentrated, focused, and expert-led performing arts instruction that develops and sharpens talents.
  • TPAC engages students in the performing arts, to promote higher academic achievement.

What sets us apart?